Silvereyes on Fraser Island

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Rod Hobson
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Silvereyes on Fraser Island

Post by Rod Hobson » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:25 pm


A very interesting note from Ivan Thrash, a good friend and work colleague of mine from Fraser Island, quote:

" G'day Rod
Conway (Burns) and I observed something interesting while bitou-bashing on Wednesday (26.08.09). We saw a very large group of silvereyes. It is difficult to estimate numbers of birds in thicket vegetation, but the flock exceeded about 200 x 100 m and were about 1 or 2 birds per square metre, so possibly 20 000. There could have been many more. They were not Tasmanian silvereyes as they lacked the rufous flanks.

Ivan Thrash
Resource Ranger
Fraser Island "

Now that's quite a mob of Silvereyes.

Rod H.

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