Square-tailed Kite, Queen's Park, Toowoomba

Those species we want to keep hearing about, even if already reported for the year, or the season. They're either rare (e.g. Red Goshawk), localised (e.g. Yellow-throated Miner), cryptic (e.g. owls, button-quail and crakes), unpredictable (e.g. various waterbirds and raptors), or migrants/nomads of local/national interest (e.g. swifts).

Square-tailed Kite, Queen's Park, Toowoomba

Postby Robert Ashdown » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:06 pm

Sunday 10/3/2013
Wide-spread and insistent raptor alert from the edge of the Toowoomba Botanic Gardens let us to spot the bird circling above Queen's Park, soaring, then flapping. Clear look at it. Observed for several minutes. With Rod Hobson, we had plenty of time to check the features.
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