Spring dips

Sightings anywhere within a 250 km radius of Toowoomba, but excluding the local survey area (see above), for the period 1 Sep - 30 Nov 2010.

Spring dips

Postby Mick Atzeni » Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:55 am

These weren't reported for Spring but that's not to say they weren't seen at all. It's never too late to set the record straight :-)

Little Penguin
White-tailed Tropicbird
Black-browed Albatross
Yellow-nosed Albatross
Southern Giant Petrel
Northern Giant Petrel
Snow Petrel
Great-winged Petrel
White-necked Petrel
Fairy Prion
Sooty Shearwater
Fluttering Shearwater
White-faced Storm-Petrel
Black-bellied Storm-Petrel
Masked Booby
Great Frigatebird
Lesser Frigatebird
Australian Little Bittern
Black Bittern
Australasian Bittern
Freckled Duck
Green Pygmy-goose
Black-breasted Buzzard
Letter-winged Kite
Red Goshawk
Grey Falcon
Red-backed Button-quail
Little Button-quail
Baillon's Crake
Australian Spotted Crake
White-browed Crake
Black-tailed Native-hen
Australian Bustard
Australian Painted Snipe
South Island Pied Oystercatcher
Banded Stilt
Red-necked Avocet
Australian Pratincole
Oriental Pratincole
Red-kneed Dotterel
Ringed Plover
Double-banded Plover
Oriental Plover
Hooded Dotterel
Asian Dowitcher
Little Curlew
Lesser Yellowlegs
Wood Sandpiper
Long-toed Stint
Pectoral Sandpiper
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Red-necked Phalarope
Brown Skua
Pacific Gull
Laughing Gull
Franklin's Gull
Sabine's Gull
Roseate Tern
Black-naped Tern
White-fronted Tern
Black Noddy
Common Noddy
Grey Ternlet
White Tern
Diamond Dove
Superb Fruit-Dove
Pied Imperial-Pigeon
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot
Swift Parrot
Superb Parrot
Oriental Cuckoo
Black-eared Cuckoo
Barking Owl
Spotted Nightjar
Australian Swiftlet
Fork-tailed Swift
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Red-backed Kingfisher
White-backed Swallow
Barn Swallow
Blue Rock Thrush
Brown Songlark
Satin Flycatcher
Shining Flycatcher
Scarlet Robin
Red-capped Robin
Flame Robin
Crested Bellbird
Olive Whistler
Eastern Bristlebird
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Inland Thornbill
Chestnut-rumped Thornbill
Western Gerygone
Crimson Chat
Black Honeyeater
Pied Honeyeater
White-fronted Honeyeater
Regent Honeyeater
Masked Woodswallow
White-browed Woodswallow
Little Woodswallow
Nutmeg Mannikin
European Goldfinch
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