Priorities: Footie or Bush-Hens

Sightings within the local survey area for the period 1 Jun 2008 - 31 Aug 2009. The local survey area is a rectangular area extending from Kingsthorpe NW of Toowoomba to the Mt Whitestone/Fordsdale area SE of Helidon.

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Priorities: Footie or Bush-Hens

Postby Rod Hobson » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:53 am


Last Sunday afternoon Mick Atzeni, Jenny Matheson and I were walking along the creek's bank at 'Tiddalac', Upper Lockyer when a juvenile Bush-Hen broke cover at our feet, quickly crossed the creek then disappeared into the heavily vegetated nether bank. Jenny and I had a good but fleeting view of the bird. Mick missed it being more interested in the progress of a footie game on his mobile phone. He did manage the resident Platypus, however, which Jenny and I also had the good fortune to see.

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