Black-breasted Button-quail -Redwood Park. 27/3/06

In 2006, we set up the inaugral Challenge to see if we could collectively record 250 species during the year in the club's survey area. How did we go? Extremely well considering the drought... Plenty of unusual and rare birds .... some great records from non-members too. It was a fascinating year. And a worthwhile exercise which we encourage other groups to follow. See for yourself...

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Black-breasted Button-quail -Redwood Park. 27/3/06

Postby Michael Wood » Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:46 am

A pair of Black-breasted Button-quail were seen foraging in Redwood Park this morning. Both birds came to within seven metres at one stage, so close that I was on the verge of taking a photo with my mobile phone.
Michael Wood
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Great news

Postby DaveSayers » Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:18 pm

You lucky bastard. I have numerous times swore I have seen them from a distance and believed platelets I have seen where them, but was never sure.

If we can get a photo that would be great. As mentioned earlier, Friends of the Escarpment has funding to improve the habitat of the BBBQ so if we can confirm theey are there and get an idea on the numbers then the habitat improvement hopefully helps increase numbers long term.
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