Species seen in 2006

In 2006, we set up the inaugral Challenge to see if we could collectively record 250 species during the year in the club's survey area. How did we go? Extremely well considering the drought... Plenty of unusual and rare birds .... some great records from non-members too. It was a fascinating year. And a worthwhile exercise which we encourage other groups to follow. See for yourself...

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Species seen in 2006

Postby Mick Atzeni » Sun Nov 05, 2006 4:06 pm

Brahminy Kite * 21/11/2006 Flagstone Ck Rd, Toowoomba
Black Swan 10/11/2006 Dinner's Corner, via Helidon
White-eared Monarch * 10/11/2006 Redwood Park
Masked Woodswallow * 29/10/2006 Thomas Rd, Lockyer Siding
Painted Honeyeater 26/10/2006 Magpie Lane, Gowrie Junction
Topknot Pigeon 14/10/2006 Silver Pinch Rd, Iredale
Banded Lapwing 3/10/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Glossy Ibis * 2/10/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Buff-banded Rail 28/09/2006 Lindsay St Medical Ctr, Toowoomba
Long-billed Corella 19/09/2006 Reis Rd, Highfields
Turquoise Parrot * 2/09/2006 Highfields Falls
Yellow-tufted Honeyeater * 2/09/2006 Highfields Falls
Pied Cormorant * 11/07/2006 Helidon
White-backed Swallow 25/06/2006 Stockyard Ck Rd
Emerald Dove 6/06/2006 Mt Kynoch
Western Gerygone 29/05/2006 Baillie Henderson Hospital grounds
Black-chinned Honeyeater * 21/05/2006 Connors Rd, Helidon
Brown-headed Honeyeater 21/05/2006 Connors Rd, Helidon
Red-capped Robin 20/05/2006 Smart Drive Park, Drayton
Glossy Black-Cockatoo * 16/05/2006 Table Top Drive
White-necked Heron 29/04/2006 Amos Rd, Withcott
Swamp Harrier * 14/04/2006 Withcott
Rose Robin 9/04/2006 Redwood Park
Spotted Quail-thrush * 8/04/2006 Seventeen Mile Rd, Helidon
White-bellied Sea-Eagle 3/04/2006 Abberton, Helidon
White-browed Woodswallow * 1/04/2006 Highfields
Australian Owlet-nightjar 30/03/2006 Sutcliffe's Rd, Flagstone Creek
Red-backed Button-quail * 29/03/2006 Baillie Henderson Hospital grounds
Black-breasted Button-quail * 27/03/2006 Redwood Park
Spotted Harrier 26/03/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Red-kneed Dotterel 26/03/2006 Helidon Spa
Tree Martin 24/03/2006 Forest Rd, Highfields
Red-backed Kingfisher * 22/03/2006 Back Flagstone Ck Rd, Lilydale
Black Falcon * 21/03/2006 over Grand Central S/Centre, T'mba
Pallid Cuckoo 20/03/2006 Lower Flagstone Ck Rd
Australasian Shoveler 19/03/2006 Spa-Iredale
Spotless Crake * 19/03/2006 Spa-Iredale
Powerful Owl * 17/03/2006 Location withheld
Sooty Owl * 17/03/2006 Location withheld
Magpie Goose 13/03/2006 New Wave Leather, Willowburn
Tawny Grassbird 8/03/2006 Ma Ma Rd, Lilydale
Scarlet Honeyeater 26/02/2006 Redwood Park
Little Eagle 23/02/2006 Echo Valley South Park
Red-chested Button-quail * 21/02/2006 Table Top Drive
Crested Shrike-tit 21/02/2006 Redwood Park
Australian Pelican 18/02/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Royal Spoonbill 12/02/2006 Toowoomba Bird Habitat
Whistling Kite 9/02/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Painted Button-quail 9/02/2006 Redwood Park
Fuscous Honeyeater 8/02/2006 Helidon Livestock Dip
Little Bronze-Cuckoo * 5/02/2006 Connors Rd, Helidon
Buff-rumped Thornbill 5/02/2006 Connors Rd, Helidon
Jacky Winter 5/02/2006 Connors Rd, Helidon
Pacific Baza 4/02/2006 Glen Lomond Park
White-headed Pigeon 4/02/2006 Redwood Park
Golden Whistler 4/02/2006 Redwood Park
Spectacled Monarch 4/02/2006 Redwood Park
Restless Flycatcher 3/02/2006 Mt Campbell School, Flagstone Ck Rd
Common Blackbird * 31/01/2006 Highfields
Eastern Spinebill 29/01/2006 Neilsen Park, Middle Ridge
Brown Goshawk 28/01/2006 Mount Table Top
Large-billed Scrubwren 26/01/2006 Redwood Park
Brown Gerygone 26/01/2006 Redwood Park
White-naped Honeyeater 26/01/2006 Glen Lomond Park
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo 24/01/2006 Hodgsonvale
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike 22/01/2006 Camels Hump, Table Top
Cockatiel 21/01/2006 Holmes Rd, Gowrie Junction
Singing Bushlark 21/01/2006 Holmes Rd, Gowrie Junction
Brown Songlark * 21/01/2006 Holmes Rd, Gowrie Junction
Brown Falcon 20/01/2006 Helidon Treatment Plant
Ground Cuckoo-shrike * 20/01/2006 Back Flagstone Ck Rd
White-winged Triller 20/01/2006 Back Flagstone Ck Rd
Richard's Pipit 20/01/2006 Back Flagstone Ck Rd south
Plum-headed Finch 20/01/2006 Murphy Bridge, Back Flagstone Ck Rd, Helidon
Yellow-throated Miner * 19/01/2006 Gowrie Mountain West
Square-tailed Kite * 18/01/2006 T'mba Waterbird Habitat
Latham's Snipe 18/01/2006 T'mba Waterbird Habitat
Collared Sparrowhawk 17/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Fan-tailed Cuckoo 17/01/2006 Table Top Drive
Rufous Whistler 17/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Pink-eared Duck 16/01/2006 Helidon Treatment Plant
Great Cormorant 16/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Black Bittern * 16/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Grey Goshawk 16/01/2006 Stevenson St, T'mba
Striated Thornbill 16/01/2006 Fielder's property, Flagstone Ck
Varied Sittella 16/01/2006 Fielder's property, Flagstone Ck
Hardhead 15/01/2006 Helidon Treatment Plant
Yellow-billed Spoonbill 15/01/2006 Werth St, Helidon
Black-fronted Dotterel 15/01/2006 Helidon Spa
Barred Cuckoo-shrike 14/01/2006 Prince Henry Drive, T'mba
Dusky Woodswallow 14/01/2006 Prince Henry Drive, T'mba
Regent Bowerbird 14/01/2006 Prince Henry Drive, T'mba
Black Kite 13/01/2006 North St nr Mort St, T'mba
Peregrine Falcon 11/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Blue Bonnet * 11/01/2006 Back Flagstone Ck Rd, Helidon
Apostlebird 11/01/2006 Highfields
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
White-throated Treecreeper 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
Variegated Fairy-wren 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
Brown Thornbill 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
Eastern Yellow Robin 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
Black-faced Monarch 10/01/2006 Highfields Falls Reserve
Grey Teal 9/01/2006 Toowoomba Showgrounds
Bush Stone-curlew * 9/01/2006 Beacon Crt, Tooowoomba
White-winged Chough 9/01/2006 Highfields
Intermediate Egret 8/01/2006 Werth St, Helidon
Eurasian Coot 8/01/2006 West Ck Retention Basin, T'mba
Brush Cuckoo 8/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Black-eared Cuckoo * 8/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo 8/01/2006 Mount Table Top
Leaden Flycatcher 8/01/2006 Mount Table Top
Rufous Fantail 8/01/2006 Nelson St East, T'mba
Varied Triller 8/01/2006 Mount Table Top
Clamorous Reed-Warbler 8/01/2006 West Creek Retention Basin
Little Corella 7/01/2006 Highfields
Musk Lorikeet 7/01/2006 Highfields
Black-shouldered Kite 6/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Brown Cuckoo-Dove 6/01/2006 Rowbotham St, South T'mba
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo 6/01/2006 Rowbotham St, T'mba
White-throated Needletail 6/01/2006 Rockville
Fork-tailed Swift 6/01/2006 Rangeville
Azure Kingfisher 6/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Striated Pardalote 6/01/2006 Rowbotham St South, T'mba
White-throated Gerygone 6/01/2006 Stenner St East T'mba
Noisy Friarbird 6/01/2006 Ramsay St south, Tmba
Grey Fantail 6/01/2006 Rowbotham St, T'mba
Cicadabird 6/01/2006 4 Rowbotham St, T'mba
Straw-necked Ibis 5/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Australian Hobby 5/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Little Lorikeet 5/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Rufous Songlark 5/01/2006 Baillie Henderson Hospital
Bush-Hen * 4/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Yellow-faced Honeyeater 4/01/2006 Highfields
Rock Dove 3/01/2006 Rockville
Grey-crowned Babbler 3/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Nankeen Night-Heron 2/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo 2/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Australian King-Parrot 2/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Tawny Frogmouth 2/01/2006 Highfields
Dollarbird 2/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Red-backed Fairy-wren 2/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin 2/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Australian Brush-turkey 1/01/2006 Dunbar's Property, Flagstone Ck
Brown Quail 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Plumed Whistling-Duck 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Australian Wood Duck 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Pacific Black Duck 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Australasian Grebe 1/01/2006 Helidon Treatment Plant
Darter 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Little Pied Cormorant 1/01/2006 Lockyer Ck, Helidon
Little Black Cormorant 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
White-faced Heron 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Little Egret 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Great Egret 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Cattle Egret 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Australian White Ibis 1/01/2006 Lake Annand, T'mba
Wedge-tailed Eagle 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Nankeen Kestrel 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Purple Swamphen 1/01/2006 Lockyer Ck, Helidon
Dusky Moorhen 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Little Button-quail * 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Black-winged Stilt 1/01/2006 Helidon Treatment Plant
Red-necked Avocet 1/01/2006 Helidon Spa
Masked Lapwing 1/01/2006 Kettle St, T'mba
Spotted Turtle-Dove 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Common Bronzewing 1/01/2006 Highfields
Crested Pigeon 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Peaceful Dove 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Bar-shouldered Dove 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Wonga Pigeon 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Galah 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Rainbow Lorikeet 1/01/2006 Perth St, Rangeville
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Crimson Rosella 1/01/2006 Queen's Park, T'mba
Pale-headed Rosella 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Red-rumped Parrot 1/01/2006 NW Toowoomba
Common Koel 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Channel-billed Cuckoo 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Pheasant Coucal 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Southern Boobook 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Barn Owl 1/01/2006 Highfields
White-throated Nightjar 1/01/2006 Dunbar 's, Flagstone Ck
Laughing Kookaburra 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Sacred Kingfisher 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Rainbow Bee-eater 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Superb Fairy-wren 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Spotted Pardalote 1/01/2006 Highfields
White-browed Scrubwren 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Speckled Warbler 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Weebill 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Yellow-rumped Thornbill 1/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Yellow Thornbill 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Red Wattlebird 1/01/2006 Webb St, T'mba
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Striped Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Little Friarbird 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Blue-faced Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Queen's Park, T'mba
Bell Miner 1/01/2006 Upper Flagstone Ck
Noisy Miner 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Lewin's Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
White-throated Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Brown Honeyeater 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Eastern Whipbird 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Grey Shrike-thrush 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Magpie-lark 1/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Willie Wagtail 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Spangled Drongo 1/01/2006 Highfields
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Olive-backed Oriole 1/01/2006 Dunbar's Property, Flagstone Ck
Figbird 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Grey Butcherbird 1/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Pied Butcherbird 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Australian Magpie 1/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Pied Currawong 1/01/2006 Dunbar's, Flagstone Ck
Torresian Crow 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Satin Bowerbird 1/01/2006 Queen's Park, T'mba
House Sparrow 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Zebra Finch 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Double-barred Finch 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Red-browed Finch 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Mistletoebird 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Welcome Swallow 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Fairy Martin 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Golden-headed Cisticola 1/01/2006 Gowrie Junction
Silvereye 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon
Common Starling 1/01/2006 Welcombe Ave, T'mba
Common Myna 1/01/2006 Abberton, Helidon

Total: 227 species
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