Yellow-tufted Honeyeater and Turquoise Parrot.

In 2006, we set up the inaugral Challenge to see if we could collectively record 250 species during the year in the club's survey area. How did we go? Extremely well considering the drought... Plenty of unusual and rare birds .... some great records from non-members too. It was a fascinating year. And a worthwhile exercise which we encourage other groups to follow. See for yourself...

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Yellow-tufted Honeyeater and Turquoise Parrot.

Postby Rod Hobson » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:42 am


On the morning of the 2nd September I spent from 8.15am until just before midday birding at Highfields' Falls Park between Toowoomba and Crows Nest, SEQ. This area consists of open eucalypt woodland transected by a lush gully of wet sclerophyll/rain forest remnants along a running creek. The weather was fine and fresh, post rain, mild with a gentle breeze. Birdlife was prolific on the day.

During my sojourn there I was fortunate to see two species of birds that have not been recorded, as yet, for the TBO's "250 in 2006" Challenge. They were Yellow-tufted Honeyeater and Turquoise Parrot. I saw a pair of the honeyeaters flitting about the trees low over the pool, just above the top of the 'waterfall', at about 9.30am. They were at GDA 94 - S 27deg 28' 24.6", E 151deg 57' 14.4". The pair only put in a brief appearance, about 50-60 seconds, before disappearing into the canopy.

Just before departing I was walking down the track out of the open eucalypt country, where it abuts the wetter woodland, heading for the Dau Street entrance when I flushed a small, svelte parrot from the ground. It perched close by and I had very good views of a beautifully coloured Turquoise Parrot, a lovely bird (and one M.A. predicted for this time of year). This was at 11.10am at GDA94 - S 27deg 28' 29.4", E 151 deg 57' 11.2". If anyone is interested in having a look for this parrot I've stuck a broken straw broom head, which I found nearby, in the ground near to the place of the parrot sigthing.

I didn't see either species when I revisited on the Sunday morning as I was only there for about 30 minutes whilst getting the above GPS readings.

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