Glossy Black Cockatoo, Glen Lomond Park, 24.06.06

In 2006, we set up the inaugral Challenge to see if we could collectively record 250 species during the year in the club's survey area. How did we go? Extremely well considering the drought... Plenty of unusual and rare birds .... some great records from non-members too. It was a fascinating year. And a worthwhile exercise which we encourage other groups to follow. See for yourself...

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Glossy Black Cockatoo, Glen Lomond Park, 24.06.06

Postby Rod Hobson » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:33 am


On Saturday afternoon, 24.06.06 I was dog-walking along the Bridle Trail that abuts Glen Lomond Park, Toowoomba Escarpment, when I initially heard Glossy Black Cockies calling. Upon investigation I found a single male bird peched in a she oak, and heard a second bird call nearby. The she oak was not in fruit. Also had great looks at a perched female Collared Sparrowhawk during this walk.

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Glossy Black-Cockatoo - Table Top Drive

Postby Mick Atzeni » Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:43 am


Our Records Officer, Pat McConnell, has informed me that another sighting from Table Top Drive on 16/5/06 by Keith Treschman has also been accepted, which predates Rod's observation. Nonetheless, Rod's record is just as important as Keith's for the club records.

I should also point out that there have been other reports of this species from Rockmount and Middle Ridge this year but relevant details have not yet been formally submitted in the form of a Rare Bird Report.

As such reports are necessary for QA purposes, I urge those fortunate enough to see Glossies - or any other local rarity (i.e. those asterisked on the list) for that matter - to make sure their sightings count by completing Rare Bird Reports.

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