Black-faced Monarch

Sightings within the local survey area for the period 1 Sep 2008 - 30 Nov 2008. The local survey area is a rectangular area extending from Kingsthorpe NW of Toowoomba to the Mt Whitestone/Fordsdale area SE of Helidon.

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Black-faced Monarch

Postby Bill Jolly » Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:36 am

Black-faced Monarch in Redwood Park on Friday afternoon, 19 September.

There was a roost of thousands of Grey-headed Flying Foxes in the trees just across the creek from the lower picnic area, around the bridge, and consequently very few birds in that area.

The monarch was seen along the Grass-tree Track.

Around the bridge, looked, sounded and smelled very different from normal.

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